Solo Server Closing

As FacePunch release more and more updates, and really nice plugins are released and added to the servers, there’s a price to be paid in terms of resource usage.

With this in mind, I’m closing the Solo server effective today 1st February.

If you’re one of the few players that use the Solo server, I apologise and I ask you to move to the Duo or Clans server. You wouldn’t think so, but the Clans server is the quietest and as I write this, it’s empty. The Duo server tends to attract more hard core 2-man (or woman) teams that will raid you without a second thought. So my advice is for you to move to the Clans server. Make some friends. Protect yourself.

Closing Solo will give back about 12GB in RAM which is a good thing as the hardware has been running at its capacity of 64GB. And this will release more CPU for the other servers too of course.

Now I’m not saying this is the only closure. I may (I probably will) close either Duo or Clans at mid-monthly wipe. My thoughts are to close Duo, but there has been some discussion amongst us admins as to which will stay and which will go.

Now I know nobody likes change. I hate it. When I worked in a corporate environment one of my many managers tried to tell us we should embrace change. No. No way. It was always forced on us and caused us problems until we integrated the changes into our workflow.

Having said that, change is inevitable. FacePunch keep making changes, and it’s the additional resource usage from those changes that have forced this change on our servers. Plugins get bigger, and they’re not always well optimised but are good to have.

So the benefits to the players is you will hopefully have a better experience on the servers, and the benefits to us admins is that it will be one (or possibly two) less servers to worry about. And also hopefully, you’ll see this as a win-win for both sides.