chest stacking

Containers Within Containers

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could reduce the number of chests in your base, while still having the same capacity of storage?  Well now you can. And there’s no need to be using coffins either, unless you like coffins of course.

Back in April 2022 I added a new plugin that allowed players to add additional “virtual containers” within a container and then promptly forgot to announce it. Very few players have been using them since – hopefully with this post word will get round and more players will get the benefit.

You may or may not have noticed some icons/buttons to the bottom right when you open a chest. The magic + button will allow you to add additional virtual chests to a single chest, which are then numbered 1, 2, etc. The M button is your Master chest – the default view of any chest you may open, while the 1, 2 chests are the additional chests you can create with the + button.

As you might guess there is a small cost to creating a new container, which you can see by clicking the i button.

As of today (5th September 2022) this method replaces the old method of upgrading containers as there is no need for that plugin any more. At some point, probably next forced wipe on October 6th 2022, the Chest Stacking plugin will be removed as there’s no need for that plugin either – correct me if I’m wrong and I’ll leave it in place.

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