Upgrade Your Boxes and Furnaces

As of 5th September 2022, this plugin has been replaced by the new containers plugin.

You can now upgrade your large and small boxes, furnace, camp fire and some other containers. Yay!

Now when you open a container you’ll see a button at the bottom right where you can upgrade it to a bigger size.


You can see this box has already been upgraded by two slots from the normal 30. When you click it, you’ll get the upgrade UI appear where you can add more slots.


You can see in the image above there’s a maximum of 36 slots available (at the time of testing) so you can upgrade by another 4 at a cost of what you see in the way of raw materials.

Because this is new to the servers I’m setting all the boxes to the maximum I’m able for everyone, for example large boxes are getting 42 slots from the standard 30, and small boxes are getting 24 slots from the standard 12, but at some point I may put limits as to who can expand their containers like this.

TIP: You may find it’s more efficient to use small boxes maxed out rather than large boxes maxed out. 😉

Once a container is made bigger your teammates can see the larger slot capacity too, and if the plugin is unloaded or breaks for some reason, it won’t affect the container size – I’ve tested this. The containers are genuinely made much bigger. The containers can be made even larger, but if I do this you can’t see some of the slots in the UI, so stuff is hidden unless you break the container and a satchel pops out.



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