Heli Crashes Fixed

So it turns out there were a LOT of helicopters crashing all of their own accord. Which means free loot after killing the defending scientists, and I hate that. Only kidding. 😉

But, I have fixed that problem now. After a lot of head scratching and experimentation I worked out what was going on and I’ve made changes which so far look like far fewer helis in general. It was all down to 3 plugins interacting with each other and causing the generation of a lot of helis, and one of the plugins was then bringing them down ALWAYS between 5 and 10 minutes. I suspect config options being added when a plugin gets updated which are on by default, but I’ll never know, I could just be incompetent. (I’m not.)

So, HeliControl was spawning a heli (now disabled), vanilla was spawning a heli (now disabled via AutomatedEvents – I think), and Automated Events (the preferred plugin) was spawning one too – I’ve set AutomatedEvents so that 2 players are required to be online before a heli spawns now – not sure if this is working or not yet. Time will tell.

On top of this, PilotEject was randomly ejecting pilots from ALL helis between 5 and 10 minutes of them spawning (now disabled). PilotEject is now set to spawn an eject heli every 90-180 minutes but only if 2 players are online.

So 3 plugins and vanilla were all spawning helis which were aborting within 10 minutes.

There should now be fewer helis, and pilot ejecting should be rare. We’ll see. :wink: This is a pefect example of plugins interacting with each other and causing problems.

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