No Decay for Vehicles near Tool Cupboard

Someone questioned vehicles decaying, specifically Minicopters and Scrap Helicopters – I can’t find the question now, so maybe it happened in-game and not Discord. I *thought* vehicles didn’t decay when under cover of a building but I might have been wrong about that, OR it’s another bit of FacePunch weirdness after this last couple of updates. I don’t know. Anyway…

I’ve now added a plugin that removes decay from all vehicles (including Skidoos and similar) as long as they’re within Tool Cupboard range. That should solve that problem but note they’ll still decay while out in the wild or if they get knocked about a bit, so have a wooden hammer ready to give them a good bashing to repair them.

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Rust Decay Settings

This is a small extract from this forum post on Rust Server Decay. If you have anything you want to add or if you think decay isn’t working how I’ve described it, then please do so on the forum.


We’d hoped not to have to add decay to the Rust servers after we removed it late last year, but the sheer amount of entities that were being created recently because players have been leaving temporary non-twig structures everywhere means we have no choice. If players could be relied on to clean up after themselves (it’s a raid tower rule) then it wouldn’t be a problem, but we have no reliable way of enforcing this. (We DO know whose structures they are, but knowing if they’re still active is another matter and is fairly time consuming to us.)

So decay is back (at least for the time being) in an attempt to keep the entity count down, and the servers as lag free as possible. As there’s quite a lot to read and understand, I’ve summarised the decay we’ve applied to the servers as tl;dr and then given a full explanation. The decay is NOT as bad as default Rust decay and can be avoided by the use of Metal or Armoured (TopTier) bases.

All hours described below are real time hours, not game hours.


Twig: 2 hour reset timer. Total Decay in 10 hours with or without Tool Cupboard (TC).
Wood: 12 hour reset timer. TC – Decays in 40 hours. No TC – Decays in 20 hours.
Stone: 18 hour reset timer. TC – Decays in 60 hours. No TC – Decays in 20 hours.
Metal: 18 hour reset timer. TC – No Decay. No TC – Decays in 100 hours.
Top Tier: 24 hour reset timer. TC – No Decay. No TC – Decays in 100 hours.

You can read more and reply on the forum:-

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