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New Donation Store is Live

The new Rust donation store is now live.

Key Points (tl;dr)

o All donations are now in euros rather than dollars
o Instant upgrade upon donation completion, day or night, 24/7
o Lifetime perks are available such as bigger backpacks and auto tool repair
o Memberships continue to be vip+, vip++, vip+++
o Memberships are available as monthly, quarterly and annually
o Donations are not subscriptions and will expire
o Annual membership is the best value for money
o RP included in every membership applied across ALL Rust servers
o Clear and easy to understand comparison chart for both benefits and kits
o Server voting will be enabled shortly and is a WIP (Work In Progress)

Donations now in Euros

As most (but not all) players are from the EU, it made more sense to me to flip to euros rather than dollars. Also, many of the monthly services I have to pay for are also in euros and I was losing money on currency conversions from dollars to euros. It wasn’t a lot of money, but it all adds up, and is money that can better be spent on plugins and other software for the servers.

Instant Upgrades

If you donate for a perk or for a membership, you will now get instantly upgraded. I am using the CraftingStore service to do this, and while it has a monthly cost, it’s very small at €9.74 (inc VAT) compared to the Tebex service. As far as I can see CraftingStore has all the features of Tebex but for a third of the price.

Lifetime Perks

Lifetime perks are available such as bigger backpacks and auto tool repair. Bigger backpacks are likely to be most popular and you can see in the image below that they are currently half price, as is everything in the donation store until Monday 26th at 9.00am. You also get bigger backpacks included with each membership, but these expire when your membership expires. The lifetime perks never expire.

rust backpacks donation comparison

The Auto Repair Tool lifetime perk repairs all your tools and weapons automatically and for free. You need to have learned the blueprint for that item, but for example the chainsaw and jackhammer don’t require to be learned and so will repair themselves automatically when the health gets to 10%. In addition it will only lose 1% of total condition (red bar) meaning they will last for a very long time before breaking completely.

Bulk craft (instacraft) is something that’s been asked for a lot and is now available for donators as a lifetime perk. With this Bulk Crafting perk, you will be able to craft a whole stack instantly rather than each item one by one.

Memberships and Donations

There are no changes to membership ranks and they continue to be VIP+, VIP++, and VIP+++.

You can now donate for 30 days, 90 days, and 365 days.

With the VIP+ rank and above, you also get a personal minicopter locked to you that you can spawn and despawn at will with the following commands. This may get added as a lifetime perk at some point in the future if I get enough requests, but don’t hold your breath.

/mymini ~ Spawn a mini copter
/nomini ~ Despawn mini copter
/wmini ~ Find mini copter
/gmini ~ Get/fetch mini copter

Donations are not subscriptions and will eventually expire. Annual membership is always going to be the best value for money and as of today includes 1,680,000 RP (Reward Points) which are yours to keep forever until you spend them all. RP is now included in every membership and is applied across all Rust servers, so if you flip to Duo from Solo, you will have the same original amount of RP available to you. RP is NOT transferrable across servers and never will be.

Comparison Chart

There is now a clear and easy to understand comparison chart for both benefits and kits. This enables you to make the best decision as to membership.

Hint: it’s an annual membership at VIP+++ rank.  😉

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