Clan EZ Banned

After several complaints and some players saying they wouldn’t play on the Clans server while EZ (an Italian clan) were on, I took a look and found the complaints to be reasoned and reasonable. EZ (Awsaf and Master) had suddenly gone from “shit” to “they always seem to know where we are and can get constant headshots” as one player put it. That kind of improvement doesn’t happen naturally over night.

Next up they seemed to know exactly where the loot in bases was stored and raided the same huge honeycombed base three times and each time went directly to the loot (in different places), ignoring the rest of the base. An obvious use of an ESP cheat. It’s sad that some people will do anything to appear good at something they’re actually very poor at, instead of acknowledging their failings.

But for me the clincher was when I checked Awsaf’s list of homes. He didn’t have any. In fact when I looked closely at all the entities on the server, he didn’t have ANYTHING.

Awsaf knew the game was up. He’d killed himself (and renamed himself to [EZ] 1010001110 01001110) and had NOTHING on the server. No homes, no buildings, no stashes, not a thing. You can’t go raiding when you don’t have any explosives to do it. Master didn’t have much either, even in the small stashes he’d squirrelled away – there just wasn’t enough to do a decent raid with (11 C4, no rockets). I could see which boxes Awsaf had been into, which TCs he’d authorised on, and he wasn’t the owner of any of them.

I’ve “sticky” banned the EZ clan with RustAdmin for using ESP – it will follow them around from server to server, and other admins will ban them from their servers too.

Posted by PPlank in General, Rust Servers