NPC Raiders

There’s a new command in town and it’s called /raidme.

What this does is set a bunch of NPCs attacking your base. They will raid it in several waves with C4 and satchel explosives until they destroy your Tool Cupboard, or get killed by you in the process. So if you kill the first wave, then after a few seconds another wave will start the next attack where the other raiders left off. Because they’re bots, they know where your TC is and will head straight for it.

You have to buy the raids using scrap (for now), but this may change to support RP at some point. You can call in one raid every hour, and just like Raidable Bases there’re five different levels of raiders – easy, medium, hard, expert, and nightmare. You start a raid by doing:-

/raidme buy easy

and scrap will be consumed from your inventory. You can also just do:-

/raidme buy

to see how much each difficulty level costs. It’s cheap for now, but the costs will go up when I get the chance to sit down and review the settings.

I first tried it on easy by myself in a small stone and wood base and the raid was over in less than 30 seconds. Remember – they know where your TC is.

I see this as particularly useful on PvE, but there’s also a usage case on PvP too where you’ve built a base and want to test it out before you go offline. In both cases, it’s good fun. 😉

Posted by PPlank in Rust Servers, Server Updates