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New Rust Server – One Grid Maps

Update 27th April 2022: OneGrid is no more. It just wasn't getting enough interest and I'd rather use the hardware resources that it was using elsewhere.

A new PvP server has been added on an at least 4 CUSTOM map rotation and is wiped every month. Every map has at least some interesting and unique monuments on it that you won't find on regular generated maps. They all have a fully formed underground railway. This is not a Solo or Duo server and you can create a clan on there if you wish. 😉

Here are the key features.

  • Gas station
  • 2 Lighthouses
  • Secret Vault - Green puzzle
  • Red Hideout - Blue puzzle
  • Fishing Village - Recycler
  • Outpost vending machines
  • Fortune wheel + instruments
  • Decorative boats along the shores
  • 3 train stations - 1 underwater lab - both oil rigs

The Rust server page has been updated to reflect the new server, but for your convenience, here are the details.

Here is the Steam direct connect link if you can't see it in the ingame browser yet, and also the map link.

steam://connect/ ONE GRID Map:

This is the first map of this wipe cycle which will be replaced by another similarly featured map at the next forced wipe.


As a bit of background info, I've been testing a hacked together map (that I created) for the last 3 months and it all seemed to work well as a one grid server, so I've gone ahead and added some proper custom edited maps into the cycle. All your favourite mods and plugins are installed except for Raidable Bases at the moment as the map is very small. I'll attempt to edit the next map in the cycle to add some islands that bases can spawn on, and I'll probably exclude Nightmare bases as they're too difficult for many people, as they're meant to be attacked by a clan of at least 3 or more, but we get single players trying to do them.

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