Pretty New Info Panel

You may or may not have noticed, but all servers now have a prettier Info Panel at the bottom of the screen underneath your hotbar. All the same info is there, but in a better format.

These panels are incredibly hard to create and position correctly – it’s a black art – and I didn’t create this, some kind soul on a forum decided to share it with everybody. All I’ve done is tweak it slightly to add the RewardPoints (RP) panel top right of the screen.

Please don’t ask me to move anything because every time I do, it messes everything up. It is what it is. And it’s staying.

UPDATE 5th April 2021 – I’ve managed to change the background colour so that each panel is now transparent apart from the content, no more grey borders. I’ve also replaced the RP icon top right with something *slightly* better, but I’m more satisfied with it. And finally, I’ve also managed (it’s REALLY hard to do these things) to move the “You are playing…” text back down into the bottom right corner. So I’m quite pleased with the layout now and how it all looks. On that last one, I’ve moved the text back into the bottom right corner because the location it was occupying (centre bottom above the toolbar) is going to have something else there instead.

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