Big Update to Rust Pipes

There’s been a fairly big update to our Pipes plugin which includes a number of fixes and enhancements, with the most notable for me being the Recyclers support. Now a pipe will put content into the top of the Recycler and another pipe will take it from the bottom. Wow!

Placeable Recyclers are obtainable by crafting (/craftrec command) if you’re at least a VIP+, or you can find them in some loot, I think either in airdrops or in hackable crates. One or both of those. Anyway…

This means you can place a Recycler in your base with a pipe or series of pipes running from a box outside an outer wall or High Stone Wall as a feed into the Recycler, using the pipes AutoStart feature. Then, tucked in your base you can have a series of pipes set with filters to extract the items from your Recycler and sorted into the relevant boxes in your loot rooms. Which means… while you’re out and about hitting barrels etc, you can just run up to your base, drop the items to be recycled into your box outside and go looking for more. When you get back, it’s all been recycled and sorted.

Maybe it’s just me, but I geek over this sort of thing. 🙄

In case you’re new to pipes, you just do /p in chat, select your wooden hammer, hit your first container then run to your second container and hit that too. Now a pipe will appear that will move items placed in the first container to the second container. If you hit the pipe with your wooden hammer a UI will open where you can set filters, upgrade the pipe (if you’re a VIP), set autostart if you’re moving things into a machine, and change flow direction. And some other stuff. It’s fairly intuitive.

You can create pipes in between most containers, and that includes quarries, pumpjacks, furnaces, etc. And now with Recycler support too.

Finally, here’s a list of additional pipes commands:-

  • /p as mentioned above to add a pipe between two containers with your wooden hammer
  • /p r – Remove pipes by hitting then with a wooden hammer
  • /p c – Copy the settings and filters from one pipe by hitting it with a wooden hammer and then hit other pipes to apply these settings to it.
  • /p n  – Set a name to a container or pipe. This is useful if you have pipes running between two identical containers and you want to tell them apart. Or when you have long pipes and want to know what they are for.
  • /p s – Get information on how many pipes you have and how many are running
  • /p h – Bring up the in game help

Have fun!

Posted by PPlank in Rust Servers, Server Updates