Quarries and Pumpjacks can now be Upgraded (QoL)

You can now upgrade your quarries and pumpjacks with other quarries and pumpjacks.

When accessing the fuel storage on quarries and pumpjacks, you’ll now see a small “Upgrade” button.

When you click it you’ll see this:-

You can see in this case that IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER QUARRY in your inventory, you can upgrade this existing quarry to the next level up. The other quarry in your inventory will be consumed and added to the existing one.

There are 5 level upgrades. As you level up your quarry, new mineral resources are also added. So you may start with just a stone quarry, but end up with a quarry producing all minerals. A level 2 quarry will produce the same amount as 2 level 1 quarries. Same for pumpjacks. Every quarry level will also unlock the next tier of production. Level 3 will unlock metal, level 4 sulfur and level 5 HQM if your quarry doesn’t already have these.

I’ve asked the developer if he’ll also add non-standard output such as wood and he’s looking into it.

The benefit of this is the production increases for each level you go up, and you now don’t need quarries everywhere, you can just create one “uber” quarry.

You can purchase quarries and pumpjacks in the /s store, or find them (rarely) in hackable crates, or (slightly less rarely) in hackable crates on the cargoship.

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PvE Quarries Now Auto Protected

I’ve removed the QuarryLocks plugin on PvE as it was a bit clunky and was missing features I wanted such as being able to prevent players stopping and starting other players quarries.

A new plugin has just been released which is much better. All your quarries and pumpjacks are automatically protected from other players removing the contents, and they can’t start and stop your quarries either. Yay!

There’s a chat command too.

/quarryteam – Enables a players team to access their quarry that the player has placed.

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Quarry Changes

Well, I’ve just spent 3 hours trying to sort out the output of quarries as they’re a bit OP. There’s a plugin that handles quarry and pumpjack output, and I’ve been fiddling with it to reduce the output and it wasn’t making anything other than minor changes.

I couldn’t figure it out.

So I unloaded the plugin and then ran the quarries for a minute (6 lowgrade) and they were STILL ouputting massive amounts. wtf?

Then came headscratching time and I finally thought the correct thought.

“Do I have another plugin installed that could be affecting the output?”

Well, yes I do. Because this is a 10x server I was testing on, the gather rate was 10x, so pickups, mining, etc. I opened up the config and sure enough there’s a variable that affects quarries and pumpjacks and it was set to 10. Gah!

I’ve changed it to 1 on all PvP servers. PvE servers are set to 5 as usual.

The good news is I also set the value of the Giant Excavator to complete a cycle in 120 seconds instead of 600 (I’d nerfed it a few weeks ago when I heard of an exploit) and also doubled the gather rate to 2 instead of 1. I have yet to check this out as it’s just a first stab.

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