Sorting Upgrade

The sorting plugin – /qs command – has now been replaced with a much better sorting solution. This new plugin lets you set categories and optionally items for the container.

Now when you open a container You’ll see new UI bottom right where you can select categories to be sorted.

Once you’ve selected a category (or more), you can then even choose to select items within those categories.

Once selected, you can press the “This” button to have your selected items – in this example low grade fuel – to be dumped into the container.

If you set up all your containers to only accept certain items, then you can use the “Nearby” button while in your base and everything in your inventory will be dumped into the appropriate containers without even having to open them all. Very cool.

It also seems to work with the BackPacks plugin as a BackPack is a container, but I can’t think why you’d want to do that.

Happily the sorter also works perfectly with the multi-level container plugin, so each sub-container can also have its own settings. 😎

Thank you Höggi for the heads up about this plugin, I completely missed the point of it when it was released.


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Kits Updated on PvE and PvP – QoL

After two days of work, kits have all been updated on all the Rust servers as well as the kits plugin. To celebrate this, I reset the player data so that even if you’ve claimed all your kits, you get them all back again for this last week. Yay!

If you do /kit in game you’ll see the shiny new interface. Click on a kit to view it fully before you redeem it.

You can also see the images and associated kits all updated on the PvE donation page and the PvP donation page.

Yeah it’s been a lot of work.

I deliberately held off doing anything with the new version of the plugin for about a month after release as it was in beta for a few weeks before full release while most problems were ironed out. Since then there have been lots of other issues with it, but it looks like 95% of them have either been fixed now because other admins have reported them, or the other niggles don’t affect us because we don’t use those features.

As soon as I saw the number of problems when it was first released I decided to avoid it until it was stable. I also decided not to update the website donation pages until I knew this was all sorted. The PvE kits have been overwritten at some point (god knows when) by the PvP kits, and while the job was on the list, I’ve just been putting it off and concentrating on other stuff until this new Kits plugin was all good. All now fixed and the PvE skins are as they should be.

The next big job for me to do is to set up the new store donation page(s). We’re going to a monthly donation model soon, but you can still get lifetime access on the donate page if you’re quick. (Yes I  know that it was supposed to be live already on April 1st. That was an unintended April Fool’s Day joke.)

I haven’t finished work on the kits yet, treat this as phase one. Phase two will be adding and removing stuff from the kits, and possibly adding in some fun stuff too.

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PvE Quarries now protected – QoL

Following on from this post, which was *supposed* to protect quarries from being opened and turned on and off by other players, but didn’t seem to do so… hopefully that’s now fixed.

The plugin that handles quarry levels now has the ability to protect quarries in the way mentioned above. I’m trying to find out if it support friends/teams/clans. I think it probably does as two of the config options say:-

  • PreventUnauthorizedToggling – When enabled, only authorized players can toggle quarries/pumpjacks
  • PreventUnauthorizedLooting – When enabled, only authorized players can access the quarry/pumpjack.

Hopefully the dev will confirm this soon.

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RP Reward for Raidable Bases – QoL

There is now an RP (RewardPoints) reward for completing a RaidableBase.

I’ve set them a little high to begin with (I think so, maybe not), so expect these to be reduced especially if I enable the purchase of a RaidableBase event. Make hay while the sun shines.

PvE: Easy – 200; Medium – 500; Hard – 1000; Expert – 2000; Nightmare – 5000.
PvP: Easy – 100; Medium – 250; Hard – 500; Expert – 1000; Nightmare – 2500.

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Resource Mining (QoL)

Another QoL (Quality of Life) change. You can now mine resources from lots of previously un-mineable containers. To discover them all, you’re just going to have to hit things with an axe or pickaxe and see what you get. 😉

Here’s a bit of a starter though. You can now mine:-

o Rocks and cliff faces for stone and sometimes metal.

o Small powerline poles along roads for wood.

o Electrical boxes along the road for metal.

o Some other things. 🙂

Your Zlevels will increase (nice), but the amount of items from these “extra” containers won’t – you always get the same amount. Incredibly useful though if you’re running low on resources around you. At each sunrise, the containers you’ve mined (completely dry or not) will be partially refilled.

This won’t make a massive change to the game other than you can now mine for stone deep down in the caves.

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Always a Full Moon (QoL)

I forgot to mention this the other day, but if you let it go to night time and don’t /voteday, it’s now always a full moon. So it’s never completely pitch black dark any more.

Also, night time now only last about 5 minutes real time, whereas day time lasts about 55 minutes.

With these changes I’m considering removing the /voteday plugin, at least from PvE and making the entire night part of the cycle a “Happy Hour” where everything earns you extra RP.

Watch this space.

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Quarries and Pumpjacks can now be Upgraded (QoL)

You can now upgrade your quarries and pumpjacks with other quarries and pumpjacks.

When accessing the fuel storage on quarries and pumpjacks, you’ll now see a small “Upgrade” button.

When you click it you’ll see this:-

You can see in this case that IF YOU HAVE ANOTHER QUARRY in your inventory, you can upgrade this existing quarry to the next level up. The other quarry in your inventory will be consumed and added to the existing one.

There are 5 level upgrades. As you level up your quarry, new mineral resources are also added. So you may start with just a stone quarry, but end up with a quarry producing all minerals. A level 2 quarry will produce the same amount as 2 level 1 quarries. Same for pumpjacks. Every quarry level will also unlock the next tier of production. Level 3 will unlock metal, level 4 sulfur and level 5 HQM if your quarry doesn’t already have these.

I’ve asked the developer if he’ll also add non-standard output such as wood and he’s looking into it.

The benefit of this is the production increases for each level you go up, and you now don’t need quarries everywhere, you can just create one “uber” quarry.

You can purchase quarries and pumpjacks in the /s store, or find them (rarely) in hackable crates, or (slightly less rarely) in hackable crates on the cargoship.

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Switches now Lockable (QoL)

Here is the first of a series of Quality of Life (QoL) changes to all the servers.

You can now add a codelock to your switches and generators so that they can’t be turned on and off by unfriendlies. 🙂

/el ~ Display enable/disable status with instructions
/el on ~ Enable locked switch/generator placement (switch with an associated lock)
/el off ~ Disable locked switch/generator placement (standard behavior without lock)

On first use, the player must enable it first via the chat command /el on.
This setting will remain ON until the player enters /el off.

Switches or generators are placed normally via the Rust user interface. Be sure to leave enough room below switches for the lock.

When the user attempts to pickup the lock, access will be denied. However, they can pickup the switch or generator as they would normally, and the lock will also be removed. A player cannot pickup or toggle a locked switch or generator.

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