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Modded TugBoats

Rust TugBoats are now available to purchase at harbours, fishing villages and the ferry terminal, all from vendors specifically placed there to do so.

A number of benefits / features have been added to Rust TugBoats, for starters they should now travel at twice the speed they did before, woohoo! You can also place deployables (things) in other parts of the TugBoat, which means you can do things like add planters and electric water purifiers or water catchers to water them. Electrical items like the purifiers and boomboxes will run while the engine is switched on.

There’s a full list of whitelisted items you can place on your TugBoat at the end of this post.

Other lovely features are:-

The driver check has been disabled so your TugBoat won’t auto stop when you’re not steering it.
You can set your TugBoat into autonav so that it travels along the cargo ship path.
Tugboats can now be seen from 300m away, so they’re much more visible.
You can rotate placed entities by hitting them with a hammer. 😉
You can add autoturrets and samsites.
You can teleport your tugboat to you. (This may be removed.)
Your minicopter will lock and latch to your tugboat when you land on it.
You can set a /home on your tugboat.
As mentioned above, electrical items like electric furnaces, ceiling lights and the water system all work.

You can also use Torpedoes and Water Mines. Yeah… 😉

Pressing the reload key (default R) will fire a torpedo that you must have in your inventory.
Pressing the crouch key (default CTRL) will drop a mine using inner tubes and C4 from your inventory.

If any of these features are proven to be being exploited, such as teleporting your tugboat to yourself while base raiding, they will be removed, or optionally I will give you a 24 hour ban and then permanently remove your ability to use that feature. So behave.

/tughelp – Shows a list of commands you can use
/tugfind – Marks your tugboats on the map
/autonav – enables/disables auto nav function
/tugtome – Teleports tugboat to you

Whitelisted Placeable Items



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