rust furnace upgrade

Furnaces Fixed, Upgraded Smelting

All furnaces now have the same look and feel to them as they did prior to the 1st September update.

This is effective immediately, following on from the bloody annoyance of the new furnace design and usage…

/rant FFS FacePunch! What a waste of time and effort for everybody concerned. Just because you have an idea doesn’t always mean it’s a good one. Creating a new interface for something like furnaces for newbies just pisses off the existing very loyal player base. /rant-over

Furnaces look and work good again on GameKeeper servers.

Better than that, at some point I’ll be adding upgraded capacities to everything that can burn or smelt stuff from free vip all the way up to vip+++ in increments. That means the higher your vip rank, the bigger your furnaces, camp fires, barbecues etc.

From testing it looks like once a furnace is placed, it keeps its capacity even if the plugin config is set to be smaller, but will happily increase if you’re a higher VIP rank. I have yet to confirm this to see if it will survive a server reboot. (It shouldn’t affect anyone but testers.)

The new style furnace-for-newbies-interface is gone, and we’re all back on the much more sensible old style furnace, pre-1st September. In addition, automatic furnace splitting is now back, yay!

Put resource into your furnace and click “Run Splitter.”

The resource automatically gets split into the correct amounts and the correct amount of wood is calculated. Wood calculation has never really worked before, but with the new plugins (3 of them) it seems to do it correctly based on the resource placed in the furnace. For example, sulfur is smelted slower than HQM ore and metal ore, so more wood is placed into the furnace if you have sulfur in it. This means it’s a good idea to only smelt sulfur in its own furnace, and not mix it with HQM and metal ore.

Turn the furnace on and all of the ore starts to smelt at the same time like it used to do. TF. I am really pleased with this.

While the furnace is running, you can at any time walk up to it and click “Run Splitter” again and it will remove all the smelted output and charcoal into your inventory. That’s fantastically useful.

Finally, you can also put (hide) loot in your furnaces, treating it like a regular box.

The new style furnace interface is no longer available and we’re on the old one again but upgraded. Good riddance to the new one.

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