rust ghost box

New Recycler Plugin for VIPs

Following the reported bugs with the previous recycler plugin where loot was disappearing, I checked and it looks like the dev has abandoned it, so I purchased another one.

The new command for VIPs to spawn a recycler into your inventory is /redeemrecycler but I’ve created an alias so you can also continue to use /craftrec. You also now get 3 recyclers. Yay!

When you place your first recycler, you may see a “ghost box” underneath it. In tests if you pick up the recycler with a wooden hammer and MIDDLE click your mouse to pick it up, and then re-place it down again, the box disappears. Subsequent recyclers don’t seem to suffer from this “ghost box” happening. I’ve also noticed that if you teleport somewhere and then go back again, or run a good distance from your base and then return, the ghost box also disappears.



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