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Skill Up Everybody and Everything

I’ve added a new plugin to all servers which will give you perks/buffs as you raise your skill on your server of choice. It was suggested by fellow admin Xyte and we both think it will be a cool addition.

The plugin adds a character progression system in the form of a leveling and skill tree system. You can gain xp by cutting trees, mining rocks, killing NPCs etc, and you’re rewarded with skill points when you level up. These points can be used to unlock perks and buffs across a number of different skill trees.

At this time I’m not going to remove Zlevels (yet) but if there’s overlap then I will take Zlevels off and we’ll just use the new plugin. Also, if we find that one of the perks is a bit OP or just sadly lacking then let us know and we’ll look at changing things as it’s currently running with default settings.

This new plugin has:-

103 unique buff types across 119 skill nodes
12 unique skill trees
65+ sources of xp

Have fun and let us know how it’s working out for you. The main command is /st which opens the skill tree menu.

There are other commands, but I need to work out which ones are for players to use and which ones are admin only as it’s not very clear on the plugin page. 🙄 When I know, I’ll update this page.

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