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Rewards System Updated

New command /rr which opens a desktop GUI. From there you can see the RP you can earn from harvesting, killing etc. You can also set a banner or icon notification to show you how much RP you earn for each action, e.g. killing a boar, chopping down a tree, or gathering hemp etc, I have mine set to “icon” and it appears for less than a second so it’s not too distracting. Or you can turn it off.

I know it’s taken a while to get my attention, and I apologise for the delay, but at last the Reward Points (RP) system has been updated. It took me 4 hours to carefully transfer the old values to the new system. What a PITA but it’s much better now

You may find a few of the values are slightly different, and it’s a work in progress. If you spot anything a little strange, please let me know in Discord and I’ll take a look.

Posted by PPlank in Rust Servers, Server Updates