PvE Rules Change

Following a question in Discord, it raised an issue that I’ve long been uncomfortable with on the PvE servers.

Originally the intent of the PvP zones was so that players would get some shooty action in designated areas. So that you can’t wander into a PvP zone by mistake, there are big grey domes over them and you get a warning you’re entering a PvP area, and then again when you leave.

All good to start with.

Then we started getting complaints about players taking other players loot, or killing them in order to get their loot. e.g. at the Launch Site which is a PvP zone, there’s the roaming Bradley. Players were killing the Bradley and then being killed by other players so that the agressive player could get the loot. And we got complaints about it. Then we had the same type of complaints on the Oil Rigs, and also when Helicopters were killed, and Supply Drops were looted.

Supply drops were particularly annoying as we’d get someone throw 50+ Supply Signals in the open and then go waily waily when other players ran in to loot the drops. Keep it manageable. Either drop them in your base surrounded by high stone walls, or go build a temporary compound somewhere else, throw your Signals and then quickly take your loot and lock it up. If you build an airdrop compound in a PvP zone such as at the launch site, then you can defend yourself if anyone tries to grab your drops. Bang bang, they’re dead. You can teleport between your airdrop compound and your main base by setting a /home in each one.

Just do a few Signals at a time

We also got also complaints when players left doors open or their roof unsecured, or didn’t put locks on their chests, and someone else wandered in and took all their stuff. That should never have been an admin problem.

Players need to look after their own stuff.

Because it all took me on the back foot, I said yeah okay, no doing that any more. But I’ve never been happy with that decision. It wasn’t my original intent and made a mockery of even having PvP zones. I wanted to make players happy, but those players who asked for those changes are long since gone.

The PvE servers are NOT role play servers.

So we’re going back to roots.

This is what it says in the rules now when you do /info or /rules while in-game.


o If you’re in a PvP zone, then other players can loot your kills or even
kill you if they want to. This applies to the Bradley, Cargoship, etc.

o If you leave doors open or your roof unprotected and someone raids you,
then that’s a shame, but it’s your problem not the admins.

o If you throw supply signals in an unprotected area and someone steals them
then that’s too bad, you need to protect yourself.

o If you take down a heli and someone steals your loot, that’s life.


So you are now required to take more care of your stuff. Other players are going to take advantage of you and the admins aren’t going to take your side – unless there is a case we haven’t thought of yet and then we’ll make a decision and possibly incorporate it into the rules.

But there will be no more hand holding from the admins where PvP zones are concerned.


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Server Changes 6th April 2023

Apart from some plugin updates such as RaidableBases and Backpacks, there have been a few changes that make sense to me.

o QuarryLevels has been removed from all servers. This is because there are bugs in the plugin and it isn’t working properly. Most importantly the dev (Death) is no longer maintaining the plugin and there are lots of unanswered support questions. This is the second paid plugin to my knowledge that the dev has abandoned (Hotbars is now looked after by another dev – RaulMaintained), so no more purchases from Death. Worse is the fact that he’s the main man on the CodeFling website, so he’s setting a bad example there for all the other devs.

o GlobalStorage (Enderchests) has been removed from the PvP servers due to complaints about them being used to store loot permanently which isn’t what they were intended for. They will remain on PvE. For PvP servers, don’t forget you can still use small stashes hidden on another part of the map.

o MonumentLock has been added to the PvE servers. This is intended to lock event monuments such as the Oil Rigs so that other players can’t steal your loot once you’ve started the event, which has been one of the complaints on PvE servers for a while now. (Some people just don’t read the rules.)

You need to understand that this plugin will need some configuration and I’m sure I’ll need to make some changes to it as I don’t think it’s going to work exactly as I hope right out of the box. I could be wrong.

Some features are:-

– A monument locks to the first player (and team) who loots, shoots, hacks or swipes, granting them total access.
– A locked monument may prevent other players from looting and/or card reader access (configurable).
– Unauthorized players cannot do damage to players or NPCs, nor can they loot their bodies (configurable).
– Unauthorized players cannot hack locked crates within a monument’s bounds. (configurable)

You can read the full feature set here:-


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BackPacks Plugin Upgrade

The BackPacks plugin has just had a series of upgrades over the last month with the most recent adding a couple of very useful features. This update is now active on all GameKeeper servers.

Now when you open your backpack, you’ll see two new buttons. The first cycles between “Gather: Off”, “Gather: All”, and “Gather: Existing”. This means anything you pick up can be automatically placed into your BackPack. Very useful when gathering wood and stone etc. “Existing” means only items or resources that you have already placed in your BackPack will be moved there automatically.

The second button does the opposite and allows resource to be taken directly from your BackPack when building for example. This button toggles between “Retrieve: Off” and “Retrieve: On”. Super useful when doing large builds because you won’t have to keep going back to your resource chest to top up on stone, HQM etc.

If you want to bind your BackPack to a key, then my suggestion is to bind it to the 7 key as the icon is in the same row as your hotbar. It makes sense to me anyway.

To bind a key, press F1 => Console, then type:-

bind 7

Close the console with F1 and you’re done.


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Furnaces Fixed, Upgraded Smelting

All furnaces now have the same look and feel to them as they did prior to the 1st September update.

This is effective immediately, following on from the bloody annoyance of the new furnace design and usage…

/rant FFS FacePunch! What a waste of time and effort for everybody concerned. Just because you have an idea doesn’t always mean it’s a good one. Creating a new interface for something like furnaces for newbies just pisses off the existing very loyal player base. /rant-over

Furnaces look and work good again on GameKeeper servers.

Better than that, at some point I’ll be adding upgraded capacities to everything that can burn or smelt stuff from free vip all the way up to vip+++ in increments. That means the higher your vip rank, the bigger your furnaces, camp fires, barbecues etc.

From testing it looks like once a furnace is placed, it keeps its capacity even if the plugin config is set to be smaller, but will happily increase if you’re a higher VIP rank. I have yet to confirm this to see if it will survive a server reboot. (It shouldn’t affect anyone but testers.)

The new style furnace-for-newbies-interface is gone, and we’re all back on the much more sensible old style furnace, pre-1st September. In addition, automatic furnace splitting is now back, yay!

Put resource into your furnace and click “Run Splitter.”

The resource automatically gets split into the correct amounts and the correct amount of wood is calculated. Wood calculation has never really worked before, but with the new plugins (3 of them) it seems to do it correctly based on the resource placed in the furnace. For example, sulfur is smelted slower than HQM ore and metal ore, so more wood is placed into the furnace if you have sulfur in it. This means it’s a good idea to only smelt sulfur in its own furnace, and not mix it with HQM and metal ore.

Turn the furnace on and all of the ore starts to smelt at the same time like it used to do. TF. I am really pleased with this.

While the furnace is running, you can at any time walk up to it and click “Run Splitter” again and it will remove all the smelted output and charcoal into your inventory. That’s fantastically useful.

Finally, you can also put (hide) loot in your furnaces, treating it like a regular box.

The new style furnace interface is no longer available and we’re on the old one again but upgraded. Good riddance to the new one.

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Furnaces and Smelting

Following the changes to the way furnaces work (and other things it seems) by FacePunch, I’ve gradually discovered LOTS of problems with plugins interacting with each other to cause strangeness and I’m still not totally convinced I’ve found all of them.

So, pre wipe I was using PowerSmelt for smelting things and it’s worked fine to speed up smelting times since I bought it. After the wipe I discovered it now wouldn’t play nicely with camp fires after the protocol change, so I removed it and of course smelting went to shit. With a lot of trial and error today I finally worked out it was one setting that caused the food cooking problem. It was the ability to cook meat in furnaces. I’ve now removed that very nice ability.

“Cook In Meat Furnaces”: false,

However, while trying to get smelting working at higher speeds, I purchased another plugin, Oxidation’s Smelting Controller. That is now currently the plugin controlling smelting as of 6.00pm GMT/BST today. I’ve tweaked and tested and compared it against PowerSmelt until it’s working in a very similar way. Fast smelting of everything (x10 furnace etc multiplier) plus short cooking times, and longer smelting of Sulfur. Yeah don’t argue, we’ve always done it like that because PvP servers are x10 and too much easy to access boom-boom means 1 or 2 players raid everybody and clear the server of other players. (Also see offline raid protection to help prevent that – it seems to be working in most cases.)

You may need to restart your furnaces / campfires / barbecues to get the faster speeds.

While this has all been going on over the weekend, in an attempt to make the furnaces work like they used to, I also purchased the FurnaceReturns plugin despite the dev saying it needed PowerSmelt (or similar) to burn multiple stacks at once. Which seemed a bit strange to me as there’s nothing in the PowerSmelt config that implies it does that. So today I’ve been testing that out with the PowerSmelt plugin on the Clans server.

I can’t get it to work – it’s a different interface (like the old one) but it still only burns one stack at a time. I feel there’s probably another plugin interacting with PowerSmelt and FurnaceReturns preventing it from working properly. I’ve raised the issue with the dev of FurnaceReturns and I’m waiting for him to get back to me.

So… this is all ongoing furnace related stuff and it’s not a final answer. I have the feeling if enough players F7 report a bug and complain in forums, then FacePunch might do something about it and make it so that multiple additional slots are available and they all burn at the same time again. I don’t have a lot of confidence in this, but it might happen.

Just know that I am trying to make things better again. 🙂

There will be additional test, tweaks and changes until I’m satisfied.

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Scrap Exchange Plugin now Removed

Because of multiple reports of the Scrap Exchange plugin not giving players their Reward Points (RP), I’ve now removed the plugin. Instead I’ve now made it so that you can sell your scrap in the /s store at the same rate as the scrap exchange in vending machines. I really don’t know why I didn’t think of this before.

All you need to do is do /s in chat to bring up the store, then go to the Sell page and select Scrap. You’ll then see the interface for adjusting the amount of scrap you want to sell. By default it will select all of your scrap, so you may only want to sell some of it. Just click the minus (-100, -1000) buttons and the amount of scrap you want to sell will reduce.  When you’re ready, click Sell Item and you’re done.

Make sure not to have any small amounts of scrap as less than 10 and you won’t get any RP for them. Stick to at least 10 scrap at a time in order to get 1 scrap.

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No More Massive Bases Please

I’ve had reports (you can see them in Discord #bugs) about sudden FPS drops on the servers. I’ve not experienced this myself, and I have a now modest (by today’s standards) GTX 970 with most of the settings on high and I run Rust at 1600×900 in a Window. I do that because it allows me to do adminny things between that window and the two monitors I use, one of which is an ultrawide screen. I typically get 80-90 FPS.

Last night while roaming the maps on the different servers looking for anything that may be causing FPS drops or lag spikes, I found two locations on PvE #1 with several thousand entities. The more entities there are, the harder the server has to work to maintain them, causing FPS drops and lag spikes.

The reason for these massive amounts of entities were because one player had walled off an island using regular foundations and then building 2 and 3 walls high. And then another location where the player had done the same thing to mark out his territory. In retaliation at being squeezed out of a space they were occupying, a neighbour had done the same thing to protect his own space. The result was thousands of visible entities on the server that didn’t need to be there. As I said previously more entities means more FPS drops and more lag spikes as the server has to serve the location and type of each entity when players get near those areas. It’s really bad when those entities are out in the open in the form of paths and walls and are visible to other players. Inside a base it’s not so bad as they get culled in the rendering process.

You may not even see what’s causing it, but suddenly you’ll see an FPS drop or lag spike in the form of rubber banding, where you keep moving back to the same location as you try to run forward. Because of some sluggishness on the servers previously (towards the end of wipe), I’ve had no choice but to re-add the AutoPurge plugin to all the servers and it’s on a 5-day “no connection” purge. VIP players don’t get affected by this.

As the PvE servers have additional plugins that make them PvE, there’s no need to mark out your territory by doing extensive foundation builds like this. Just place down a TC every so often to protect your space and that will do the trick.

Quarries don’t need partitioning off in compounds on PvE. They are protected by the QuarryManager plugin which prevents other players opening or start/stopping them. If you think that isn’t working properly, let me know and I’ll take a look. If you *must* partition off your space, use high stone walls as that’s what they’re intended for.

I removed the two locations with thousands of foundation and base wall entities. If I see any more I will be removing them without refunding any resources.

Finally, yes I am a little bit annoyed at the first player as I have already had a discussion with him in a previous wipe about causing massive FPS drops with around a hundred flashing red lights on the inside and outside his base. You only had to look in the general direction of it to get an FPS drop. But it seems he hasn’t learned and I am now very close to a ban as to me it seems like he’s done this deliberately to stress the server. I totally understand why the second player felt he had to protect his space with the same tactics, but this is all a little bit ridiculous now isn’t it?

New rule. No More MASSIVE Bases with thousands of unnecessary visible entities or anything that would cause stress on the server or to other players. From now on, when I see them, I will remove them, loot and all.

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Submersible Pump

For all the farmers on the GameKeeper servers, there’s a new item you can use so that you no longer need water catchers or to set up shop by a lake or river.


With this command you can craft a submersible pump that will give you fresh water wherever you are on the map including at sea in a water base. Hook it into your sprinkler system and you get to easily water your plants.

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Please Help – introducing voting

I’ve decided to introduce voting for the servers on some of the Rust server sites. I’ve always been against this as waste of time with no good reason for that other than gut feel, but what the hell I’m going to give it a go. Maybe it will bring a few more players in, which is what other players have said to me that they want. Who knows?

What I need help with is the kind of rewards I can give to you as a thank you for voting. This is what I and Anonium have come up with so far (mostly Anonium).

  • Kits
  • Commands
  • Reward Points (RP)
  • /mymini command or similar
  • RP gain rate increase for 24 hours
  • Gather rate increase for 24 hours

How it works is on each of the server sites you log in via Steam each day (it takes seconds) and vote for the GameKeeper server you’re playing on. Back on the server you type /claim and get your rewards which could be one or all of the above. Better than that, the *more* you vote, the better the rewards become, so for example one single vote might get you 50RP, but after a few days of voting on three different voting sites and you may be up to 500RP per day (or more) and any kits etc. that are included just for a few seconds out of your day.

What I need help with is the kind of rewards and a rewards scale. If I do it myself or with Anonium’s help then it’s likely we’ll miss something that could be really good. So put your thinking caps on and come up with a set of rewards (and maybe a scale with more voting too) and post it in Discord #suggestions.

Thanks. 🙂

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Quarries and Pumpjacks Cost

Effective immediately, quarries and Pumpjacks have been reduced in cost in the /s store from 2,500 RP down to 1,000 RP. You can also find them in hackable crates, but they’re a quite rare find.

You can exchange 10 scrap for 1 RP at any vending machine.

That is all.

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