No More Massive Bases Please

I’ve had reports (you can see them in Discord #bugs) about sudden FPS drops on the servers. I’ve not experienced this myself, and I have a now modest (by today’s standards) GTX 970 with most of the settings on high and I run Rust at 1600×900 in a Window. I do that because it allows me to do adminny things between that window and the two monitors I use, one of which is an ultrawide screen. I typically get 80-90 FPS.

Last night while roaming the maps on the different servers looking for anything that may be causing FPS drops or lag spikes, I found two locations on PvE #1 with several thousand entities. The more entities there are, the harder the server has to work to maintain them, causing FPS drops and lag spikes.

The reason for these massive amounts of entities were because one player had walled off an island using regular foundations and then building 2 and 3 walls high. And then another location where the player had done the same thing to mark out his territory. In retaliation at being squeezed out of a space they were occupying, a neighbour had done the same thing to protect his own space. The result was thousands of visible entities on the server that didn’t need to be there. As I said previously more entities means more FPS drops and more lag spikes as the server has to serve the location and type of each entity when players get near those areas. It’s really bad when those entities are out in the open in the form of paths and walls and are visible to other players. Inside a base it’s not so bad as they get culled in the rendering process

You may not even see what’s causing it, but suddenly you’ll see an FPS drop or lag spike in the form of rubber banding, where you keep moving back to the same location as you try to run forward. Because of some sluggishness on the servers previously (towards the end of wipe), I’ve had no choice but to re-add the AutoPurge plugin to all the servers and it’s on a 5-day “no connection” purge. VIP players don’t get affected by this.

As the PvE servers have additional plugins that make them PvE, there’s no need to mark out your territory by doing extensive foundation builds like this. Just place down a TC every so often to protect your space and that will do the trick.

Quarries don’t need partitioning off in compounds on PvE. They are protected by the QuarryManager plugin which prevents other players opening or start/stopping them. If you think that isn’t working properly, let me know and I’ll take a look. If you *must* partition off your space, use high stone walls as that’s what they’re intended for.

I removed the two locations with thousands of foundation and base wall entities. If I see any more I will be removing them without refunding any resources.

Finally, yes I am a little bit annoyed at the first player as I have already had a discussion with him in a previous wipe about causing massive FPS drops with around a hundred flashing red lights on the inside and outside his base. You only had to look in the general direction of it to get an FPS drop. But it seems he hasn’t learned and I am now very close to a ban as to me it seems like he’s done this deliberately to stress the server. I totally understand why the second player felt he had to protect his space with the same tactics, but this is all a little bit ridiculous now isn’t it?

New rule. No More MASSIVE Bases with thousands of unnecessary visible entities or anything that would cause stress on the server or to other players. From now on, when I see them, I will remove them, loot and all.

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Submersible Pump

For all the farmers on the GameKeeper servers, there’s a new item you can use so that you no longer need water catchers or to set up shop by a lake or river.


With this command you can craft a submersible pump that will give you fresh water wherever you are on the map including at sea in a water base. Hook it into your sprinkler system and you get to easily water your plants.

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Please Help – introducing voting

I’ve decided to introduce voting for the servers on some of the Rust server sites. I’ve always been against this as waste of time with no good reason for that other than gut feel, but what the hell I’m going to give it a go. Maybe it will bring a few more players in, which is what other players have said to me that they want. Who knows?

What I need help with is the kind of rewards I can give to you as a thank you for voting. This is what I and Anonium have come up with so far (mostly Anonium).

  • Kits
  • Commands
  • Reward Points (RP)
  • /mymini command or similar
  • RP gain rate increase for 24 hours
  • Gather rate increase for 24 hours

How it works is on each of the server sites you log in via Steam each day (it takes seconds) and vote for the GameKeeper server you’re playing on. Back on the server you type /claim and get your rewards which could be one or all of the above. Better than that, the *more* you vote, the better the rewards become, so for example one single vote might get you 50RP, but after a few days of voting on three different voting sites and you may be up to 500RP per day (or more) and any kits etc. that are included just for a few seconds out of your day.

What I need help with is the kind of rewards and a rewards scale. If I do it myself or with Anonium’s help then it’s likely we’ll miss something that could be really good. So put your thinking caps on and come up with a set of rewards (and maybe a scale with more voting too) and post it in Discord #suggestions.

Thanks. 🙂

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Quarries and Pumpjacks Cost

Effective immediately, quarries and Pumpjacks have been reduced in cost in the /s store from 2,500 RP down to 1,000 RP. You can also find them in hackable crates, but they’re a quite rare find.

You can exchange 10 scrap for 1 RP at any vending machine.

That is all.

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Big Update to Rust Pipes

There’s been a fairly big update to our Pipes plugin which includes a number of fixes and enhancements, with the most notable for me being the Recyclers support. Now a pipe will put content into the top of the Recycler and another pipe will take it from the bottom. Wow!

Placeable Recyclers are obtainable by crafting (/craftrec command) if you’re at least a VIP+, or you can find them in some loot, I think either in airdrops or in hackable crates. One or both of those. Anyway…

This means you can place a Recycler in your base with a pipe or series of pipes running from a box outside an outer wall or High Stone Wall as a feed into the Recycler, using the pipes AutoStart feature. Then, tucked in your base you can have a series of pipes set with filters to extract the items from your Recycler and sorted into the relevant boxes in your loot rooms. Which means… while you’re out and about hitting barrels etc, you can just run up to your base, drop the items to be recycled into your box outside and go looking for more. When you get back, it’s all been recycled and sorted.

Maybe it’s just me, but I geek over this sort of thing. 🙄

In case you’re new to pipes, you just do /p in chat, select your wooden hammer, hit your first container then run to your second container and hit that too. Now a pipe will appear that will move items placed in the first container to the second container. If you hit the pipe with your wooden hammer a UI will open where you can set filters, upgrade the pipe (if you’re a VIP), set autostart if you’re moving things into a machine, and change flow direction. And some other stuff. It’s fairly intuitive.

You can create pipes in between most containers, and that includes quarries, pumpjacks, furnaces, etc. And now with Recycler support too.

Finally, here’s a list of additional pipes commands:-

  • /p as mentioned above to add a pipe between two containers with your wooden hammer
  • /p r – Remove pipes by hitting then with a wooden hammer
  • /p c – Copy the settings and filters from one pipe by hitting it with a wooden hammer and then hit other pipes to apply these settings to it.
  • /p n  – Set a name to a container or pipe. This is useful if you have pipes running between two identical containers and you want to tell them apart. Or when you have long pipes and want to know what they are for.
  • /p s – Get information on how many pipes you have and how many are running
  • /p h – Bring up the in game help

Have fun!

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No Decay for Vehicles near Tool Cupboard

Someone questioned vehicles decaying, specifically Minicopters and Scrap Helicopters – I can’t find the question now, so maybe it happened in-game and not Discord. I *thought* vehicles didn’t decay when under cover of a building but I might have been wrong about that, OR it’s another bit of FacePunch weirdness after this last couple of updates. I don’t know. Anyway…

I’ve now added a plugin that removes decay from all vehicles (including Skidoos and similar) as long as they’re within Tool Cupboard range. That should solve that problem but note they’ll still decay while out in the wild or if they get knocked about a bit, so have a wooden hammer ready to give them a good bashing to repair them.

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New x3 PvE Server

Yesterday saw the firing up for the first time of the new PvE server, thanks to a massive donation from Aagares to get it all started. If not for that donation I think I would still be umming and ahhing about it, so thank you very much Aagares.

And thank you to all the other donators too. You’re all good guys and gals.

The map for this first wipe is an x3 gather and has an Egyptian theme, with some VERY interesting custom monuments, and while there aren’t any cave systems (that I’ve found), there are some pre-made locations marked with an x on the map that are various structures you can build inside. Remember the old caves from a few years ago? Yeah like that. I was also surprised to see that you can build in areas that I thought were part of a monument.

Anyway… details are on the Rust servers page. You can connect directly by clicking this Steam Connect link – steam://connect/ and you can see the map here –

Finally, the map:-

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Upgrade Your Boxes and Furnaces

You can now upgrade your large and small boxes, furnace, camp fire and some other containers. Yay!

Now when you open a container you’ll see a button at the bottom right where you can upgrade it to a bigger size.


You can see this box has already been upgraded by two slots from the normal 30. When you click it, you’ll get the upgrade UI appear where you can add more slots.


You can see in the image above there’s a maximum of 36 slots available (at the time of testing) so you can upgrade by another 4 at a cost of what you see in the way of raw materials.

Because this is new to the servers I’m setting all the boxes to the maximum I’m able for everyone, for example large boxes are getting 42 slots from the standard 30, and small boxes are getting 24 slots from the standard 12, but at some point I may put limits as to who can expand their containers like this.

TIP: You may find it’s more efficient to use small boxes maxed out rather than large boxes maxed out. 😉

Once a container is made bigger your teammates can see the larger slot capacity too, and if the plugin is unloaded or breaks for some reason, it won’t affect the container size – I’ve tested this. The containers are genuinely made much bigger. The containers can be made even larger, but if I do this you can’t see some of the slots in the UI, so stuff is hidden unless you break the container and a satchel pops out.



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Water Bases

Update: There is now a Floating Water Bases Tutorial page.

The Water Bases plugin that was discussed in Discord #suggestions is now active on all servers.

The floating foundations look like this, but appear as a rubber ring floatie when placing them.

Once you’ve placed down your first foundation, then AS LONG AS you have more floating foundations in your inventory, you can use the building planner with floor selected to place down more. As you place down each floor, it consumes one of your floating foundations. So use the FLOORS in your building planner, not foundations.

I REALLY like that you can add a floor frame and put a ladder hatch at the bottom of your base to climb up and in. The fishing nets are an additional bonus and catch random loot.

For this next wipe, the floating foundations are craftable so everybody can have a good go with the plugin, but after the March 3rd forced wipe you’ll only be able to buy the special foundations (which are really floors) in the /s store.

Have fun, but please don’t create massive floating bases. Hm, I think I’ll go make sure there are some limits. 😉


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New Rust Server – One Grid Maps

Update 27th April 2022: OneGrid is no more. It just wasn't getting enough interest and I'd rather use the hardware resources that it was using elsewhere.

A new PvP server has been added on an at least 4 CUSTOM map rotation and is wiped every month. Every map has at least some interesting and unique monuments on it that you won't find on regular generated maps. They all have a fully formed underground railway. This is not a Solo or Duo server and you can create a clan on there if you wish. 😉

Here are the key features.

  • Gas station
  • 2 Lighthouses
  • Secret Vault - Green puzzle
  • Red Hideout - Blue puzzle
  • Fishing Village - Recycler
  • Outpost vending machines
  • Fortune wheel + instruments
  • Decorative boats along the shores
  • 3 train stations - 1 underwater lab - both oil rigs

The Rust server page has been updated to reflect the new server, but for your convenience, here are the details.

Here is the Steam direct connect link if you can't see it in the ingame browser yet, and also the map link.

steam://connect/ ONE GRID Map:

This is the first map of this wipe cycle which will be replaced by another similarly featured map at the next forced wipe.


As a bit of background info, I've been testing a hacked together map (that I created) for the last 3 months and it all seemed to work well as a one grid server, so I've gone ahead and added some proper custom edited maps into the cycle. All your favourite mods and plugins are installed except for Raidable Bases at the moment as the map is very small. I'll attempt to edit the next map in the cycle to add some islands that bases can spawn on, and I'll probably exclude Nightmare bases as they're too difficult for many people, as they're meant to be attacked by a clan of at least 3 or more, but we get single players trying to do them.

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