Sorting Upgrade

The sorting plugin – /qs command – has now been replaced with a much better sorting solution. This new plugin lets you set categories and optionally items for the container.

Now when you open a container You’ll see new UI bottom right where you can select categories to be sorted.

Once you’ve selected a category (or more), you can then even choose to select items within those categories.

Once selected, you can press the “This” button to have your selected items – in this example low grade fuel – to be dumped into the container.

If you set up all your containers to only accept certain items, then you can use the “Nearby” button while in your base and everything in your inventory will be dumped into the appropriate containers without even having to open them all. Very cool.

It also seems to work with the BackPacks plugin as a BackPack is a container, but I can’t think why you’d want to do that.

Happily the sorter also works perfectly with the multi-level container plugin, so each sub-container can also have its own settings. 😎

Thank you Höggi for the heads up about this plugin, I completely missed the point of it when it was released.


Posted by PPlank in General, Rust Servers