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PvP Server Changes

One thing me and PPlank have talked about for a while is, VIP kits. They’re overpowered and essentially making the server pay to win. Nor did they make any sense between the ranks. But the kits are just the start of it.
As of today, I’m going to start my focus on how to gain more players, then how to keep them. Due to the big clans and VIP players with all their resources, they’re crushing… no, obliterating is a better word for it all the new player. What this doesn’t do, is give them a chance to establish themselves. They come on the server for a day, log off for the night and wake up to nothing left. After that they have no reason to stay on the server, some do, but most will go over to another server.

So what have I done to try and change this?

Firstly, the VIP kits as I talked about above. They’ve had a huge balance out. No longer do you get the 10k ammo stacks in the VIP+++ weekly kit. Some players took the smart route with that kit, they’d take the majority of that ammo and recycle it for gunpowder to make C4. Then they’d be instantly able to crush the server after a wipe. So it was pay to win. You’ve had to put no effort in to take the items from players that have tried their best. Here are the new kits below;

VIP+ Daily

VIP+ Weekly

VIP+ Once

VIP++ Daily

VIP++ Weekly

VIP++ Once

VIP+++ Daily

VIP+++ Weekly

VIP+++ Once

There will be a link at the bottom of this post for your comments, I’d really love to hear them.

The second change I’ve made is the charcoal stacks. We tried this once before at it was liked by a few people, but also hated by others. But the small charcoal stacks are now back. Just not as small this time. They’re are now set at 15k, this will make charcoal a lot more precious and will hopefully slow down raiding a little bit. Sometimes Admin bases will have 500k stacks, make the most of those.

Warps too have gone back to what they had been in the past, you can no longer warp to each monument and get around the map as fast. What you can do is warp to North, East, South or West. Now you’ll have to be smart with your /sethomes like you’ve done on every other server. We just had to be different didn’t we, pfft 😉
Along with this change, the /grt command is now gone. I want to see if there’s a difference, so it might come back at some point.

Now for one of my favorites, Offline Raiding, or now the lack of. Gone are the days of the constant offline raiding. Now you’ll still be able to offline raid, but it’ll be way harder as damage you’re able to deal is now different. For example, if a player goes offline, after 10 minutes a timer will start. Within the first 2 hours, you’ll only be able to do 20% of the normal damage to a base. After 3 hours, you’ll be able to do 35%. I’ll list the values below. After 18 hours, everyone will be able to raid that base with the normal health. It might seem a bit long. But it’s to give people enough time to go to bed, get up again and go to work, school or whatever.
The reason I’ve chosen to try and stop the offline raiding is as I stated above, players come on, get raided while they’re offline and leave. That leaves all of us with a dead server after a few days. Then it’s no fun for anyone, so then the players who’ve not been raided then leave too. So hopefully with this change we’ll see a few more numbers on the server like we used too.
The damage percentages are as follows;

  • 1-3hrs, 20%
  • 3-6hrs, 35%
  • 6-12hrs, 50%
  • 12-18hrs 80%
  • After 18hrs, 100%

We’ve also joined the raid block club. Now I know this is one thing that online raiders hate with a passion. They start raiding a base when the players are online and as soon as they get near the loot, the players getting raided go and TP the loot out of the base. Some people say “Tough shit!” I say it’s unfair and we should have added raid block a very long time ago.
So if you’re getting raided, or in a gunfight, you’ll no longer be able to vanish into thin air with your gear. May the best man win.

You’ll now get two hours when you first join the server to establish yourself. You’ll not be able to PvP (If you try, you’ll lose five minutes from your protection) and you’ll not be able to be killed by other players. This two hours is for you to farm up some resources, build a base and get yourself established. You can end your protection at any time with /sp end

Another thing that has changed back to what it used to be is the foundation health. More information about that can be found here –


These are the changes that have gone in with this wipe, but there will be more coming. Like I said above, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these changes. They might not stay, but there’s only one way to find out if they work.
Please tell me what you think on the forums here –

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