The RP Store – Good News Bad News

Zilch and I have been having discussions for the last 2 weeks about the /s Rewards Points store.

We know there are exploits, and we know there aren’t enough items for sale or to sell.  So on top of everything else we have going on (there’s a LOT of under the cover things happening right now), we’re going to take some time out to completely redo the store.  We have to warn you that it’s a real PITA to work on it due to the overly complicated way the developer implemented it – it really needs a re-write to make it easier to work quantities and prices out.

We’re going to need at least a shared spreadsheet to hack it all out and make any sense of it.

So we’ve decided to take all the /s stores offline for 1 week (at least – it might take a little longer) while we sort it all out.  Starting with the wipe tonight.

With any luck we’ll get it all done in the next few days and it will be back online NEXT Thursday 14th December.  We’re very sorry, but it’s just something that REALLY needs to be done.

Good News – we’re fixing the /s store.
Bad News – we’re taking it offline until it’s done.

You can leave thoughts and comments about this on the forum here.


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