water death

Sleeping In Water Now Damages You

As the Rust devs don’t seem to be in a hurry to fix this exploit, we’ve now made it so that if you go to sleep in water, you start taking damage.

The rate we’ve set is you lose 1 HP every 144 seconds. Doing a bit of maths means you will lose 100 HP in 4 hours and wake up dead. This means if you get accidentally disconnected due to EAC or a bad internet connection and you happen to be in water at the time, you won’t be immediately killed. No, it will happen much more slowly and painfully than that.

Of course if your bad connection continues we can’t help that, it’s just too bad, sorry.

So unless you intend to be on the servers a LOT, don’t sleep in the water any more.

Posted by PPlank in Rust Servers