GameKeeper Server Specific - Rust

This page should be read in conjunction with the COMMANDS page which explains many of the chat commands used on the servers. Just by reading this page you will gain an advantage over other players.

Steam Group

It's a VERY good idea to join the GameKeeper Steam Group. You'll get a free supply signal every day by typing the chat command /kit steam while in-game on one of the servers, or by just going to the /kit menu and selecting it from there.

GameKeeper.io BOOST Name Tag

If you add GameKeeper.io to your Steam name then you'll also be able to claim 4 supply signals every day. Again you can do this by typing the chat command /kit boost while in-game on one of the servers, or by just going to the /kit menu and selecting it from there. You can find out more about this on the boost page.

Please make sure you read the section on Air Drops further down this page. You will regret not doing so.

Free VIP

You can upgrade to Free VIP status just by entering your name and email address on this page - Free VIP. This will give you some additional benefits over other players in the form of:-

6x /homes instead of 4
49 Teleports per day instead of 29
15 second TP cooldown instead of 20
Call 1 free heli a day with /callheli YOURNAME

PlayRust.io Maps

We don't run a minimap on our Rust servers as we found that when we did, some (not all) clients repeatedly crashed out. We have no idea why and we suspect this is happening on other servers too, but the admins of those servers haven't noticed. Instead we recommend the use of the browser based PlayRust.io maps as they're much better in pretty much every way. You can find links to open all the maps on the Rust Servers page.

Trust in Rust

Before we get started with the server features and commands, I'd just like to say a few words about trust while playing Rust. It's very easy - DO NOT TRUST ANYONE UNLESS YOU KNOW THEM IN REAL LIFE AND THEY ARE A FRIEND. Some players will do things such as say in global chat "I am leaving the server, does anyone want my gear?" Take it from me, they are probably NOT leaving the server, they just want to find out where your base is. The course of events runs something like this:-

"Hey all. I'm leaving the server because I'm bored of Rust. Anyone want my gear? I have lots of C4 and AKs."

"Oh yes please, I'll have it."

"Accept my TP and I'll give you my M249 and C4 and then get my other gear."

"Okay. TP accepted."

A naked appears in your base.

"Thanks, now I know where your base is sucker."

Later that day if not immediately, 3 guys turn up and raid you.

We've seen this happen so many times in Rust - make sure it doesn't happen to you. If you're going to accept a /tpr from someone, don't do it anywhere near your base, or do it in a dummy base a long way away or somewhere else that's already been raided so they don't have any clue where your real base is.

By the same advice, if someone says "TP to me and I'll give you my stuff." Then if you do it get ready to be disappointed and make sure you're naked, because most of the time they just want to kill you either for your gear or for the Reward Points as soon as you spawn in.

If they want to give you stuff, then get them to use /trade instead. Using this command you can both remotely trade your gear etc, without having to meet up.

Levels and Reward Points (RP)

You can earn experience and RP on the server just by doing what you'd normally do. So as you cut down trees, kill animals and mine boulders for example, you'll gradually increase your experience and also earn RP at the same time. As you increase your experience you'll find that some of the things that you do on the server yield a better return, so for instance if you cut down trees you will level up and find you get more wood from a tree with each hit.

Rewards Store

Once you've earned some RP (Reward Points) just by playing on one of our Rust servers, you can spend it in the Rewards Store by typing /s in chat. The RP can then be used to buy basics such as wood, stone, metal frags, high quality metal (HQM) and sulphur. You can also buy some guns and components.

You can even sell some of your excess materials in the Rewards Store. One player decided a good model was to cut down trees (and thereby get more efficient as they leveled up), sell the wood in the store, and use it to buy sulphur to make gunpowder. We had to remove sulphur from the store. 🙄

Furnaces and Camp Fires

Both furnaces and camp fires have a quick sorter toggle. When turned ON, then for example when you right-click an ore in your inventory, the ore is evenly distributed throughout all the slots in the furnace except two, which are used as outputs when you turn the furnace on. These will then fill with charcoal and smelted ore. Try it and see - it's very intuitive.

The furnaces on GameKeeper.io servers are faster than vanilla servers, but we've decided not to go down the insta-smelt route as we feel that takes a little away from the gameplay. So what we've done is to make small furnaces smelt at 1.5x normal speed, and large furnaces operate at 7.5x normal but they REALLY rip through wood very fast. Hey, that's more charcoal for gunpowder, right?

By the same token, camp fires cook food a lot faster AND they don't burn meat, so no more wasted effort.

Quarries and Pump Jacks

Many new players don't realise that Quarries are the easiest way to gather ore rather than run around hitting boulders (nodes) all day. And even when they do, most don't learn that High Quality Metal (HQM) ore can only be produced by quarries in the northern biome - you won't find any HQM in the south. If you're patient and fortunate, it's possible to find a quarry spot in the north that produces stone, sulphur, metal fragments, metal ore and HQM. If you do, then that's a Quarry worth protecting.

For whatever reason, the Rust devs decided to remove player placeable Quarries and Pump Jacks from the game in mid-2016. They said at the time it was because players were building farms of pump jacks and quarries in the same location and making the game too easy for themselves because they didn't have to go out and about and get into battles. Well, okay FacePunch, but we didn't agree, so we've added player placeable Quarries and  Pump Jacks back in ourselves. We've added a twist though - they only work in the southern desert biome so you can't set up a single location to get both HQM and crude oil being produced - you need to keep two locations secured.

Pump Jack locations are found in the same way as Quarry spots - with survey charges. When you use survey charges in the south of the island, then some of them will produce an oil splat on the ground and spit out a container of crude oil instead of ore. You can then place your Pump Jack on the splat, fill it with low quality fuel and start producing crude oil. You'll also need to craft and place down a small refinery somewhere to refine the crude into fuel.

(There's an issue with PumpJacks that we're waiting to get fixed where they can no longer be placed and the oil splats no longer appear. However, some survey charges will throw crude oil containers into the air. You can place a quarry over those and the quarry will produce oil instead of ores. We hope this will get fixed by the developers at a later date.)

You can only find Quarries and Pump Jacks in air drops.

Treasure Box

Every so often, the Treasure Box appears. FFS stop what you're doing and go for it. It's FULL of great loot including some C4, an LR-300, a lot of Tech Trash, plenty of Gears, Auto-Turrets, and some other really good stuff. Don't be a fool and ignore it like we've seen some players do - "It's too far away, whine, whine, whine."

You've got 20 minutes to get to the printed co-ordinates and then another 5 minutes to loot it before it despawns, so you can pretty much get there from anywhere on the map if you start out immediately.

Here's a pro tip to help you get there. If you look at the PlayRust.io map and hover your mouse pointer across it and then click, then a pin appears giving you those co-ordinates. Click a few times until you've found the co-ordinates you need and then quickly plan your journey and get going. If you've been really smart then you'll already have a /home somewhere in that region and teleport there to get a head start.

(Alternatively, sometimes we also put /warps on the server too for moving to monuments, or you'll find NSEW warps are available.)

Low Flying Cargo Planes and Lock-On Rockets

At random times, a low flying cargo plane will appear which is on fire and trailing a plume of smoke. Occasionally it will run into a mountain and crash naturally, but you can also shoot it down with a single rocket. This is harder than you might think which is why we added lock-on rockets. These are reworked smoke rockets (not currently in the game) and can be found in crates and supply drops. When you load one into a rocket launcher and then aim at your target (which can even be another player) after 2 seconds it will lock-on and you can then fire the rocket knowing that it will almost certainly hit.

Just aim at the low-flying cargo plane, lock-on and fire. The rocket will run until it either hits the target or 40 seconds have elapsed, so don't think that you can fire at the plane from any distance and always have it hit.

When the rocket hits the plane, then a single supply drop will immediately fall from it (no parachute) and the plane will begin a slow descent until it crashes when another 1 or 2 supply drops plus a heli-crate will be thrown out of the explosion.

Broken Helicopter

Every so often a helicopter will malfunction and the pilot will eject and land injured. Keep your eyes open for when this happens and you can go loot him for his gear which includes explosives and weaponry. That's enough said I think. 😉

Rocket Turrets

To help prevent offline raiding (nothing is ever perfect), we've added Rocket Turrets. To use these, simply place a regular autoturret down, look at it and type /turret for help or /turret rocket to turn it into a Rocket Turret. Then load it up with your rockets of choice and you're done. Type /turret cost to find out how much this will cost you. Note that rocket turrets are a little slower to lock on than regular turrets, but fire very rapidly and have a greater lock and tracking distance. In other words, after the turrets have locked onto a player, they will continue to fire while the player runs away.

If you've donated and you're a VIP+ or above, you can also upgrade some of your Rocket Turrets to anti-air to help you shoot down the chopper. 😉

Raiding and the /Trade Command

Sometimes when you're raiding, time will be short and you may have a lot of loot to transport back to your base. What you can do is use the /trade PLAYERNAME command to trade with one of your clan mates back at base and send them all the gear you've picked up without having to run backwards and forwards to Teleport in and out.

Air Drops

A lot of players don't realise that they can be found when they drop supply signals to call in air drops. Let's say you have 5 each day because you're a free vip (1x supply signal) and have GameKeeper.io in your name tag (4x supply signals).

When you drop them all, the planes will criss-cross on the PlayRust.io live maps as the drops arrive. If you've done this at your base, now anyone looking at the live map will see where you live. 🙁

You can find links to open all the maps on the Rust Servers page.

Always go to another part of the map and put up a quick 5x5 or 7x7 open walled stone base and drop your signals there. Then as soon as they land you can empty them and TP away. Or you can use /trade with a team mate and send it all to your base.

By the same token, you will find newbs who haven't read this and drop their signals in their base. Now you'll know where they are and can go raid them.

There's both your warning and a good tip.

Charcoal and Stack Sizes

More of a notification than a tip with this one, although there is a small tip about moving large stacks. We allow really large stack sizes where Rust lets us - not all items can be stacked - typically 500k.

We found that it was necessary to nerf stack sizes of charcoal (still more than vanilla) in order to slow down C4 production. Raiding is good fun, but too much empties a server if one group is particularly efficient at it. We don't want that. 😉

You may occasionally find a stack of charcoal that is more than that (for whatever reason), and when you try to pick it up, it will only pick up in small stacks. TIP: You can pick up an entire stack of anything by swapping it with something in your inventory - I usually use the hammer to do so. This is an OLD Rust exploit that the FacePunch devs have never been bothered to fix - enjoy it while you still can.