Water Bases

Update: There is now a Floating Water Bases Tutorial page.

The Water Bases plugin that was discussed in Discord #suggestions is now active on all servers.

The floating foundations look like this, but appear as a rubber ring floatie when placing them.

Once you’ve placed down your first foundation, then AS LONG AS you have more floating foundations in your inventory, you can use the building planner with floor selected to place down more. As you place down each floor, it consumes one of your floating foundations. So use the FLOORS in your building planner, not foundations.

I REALLY like that you can add a floor frame and put a ladder hatch at the bottom of your base to climb up and in. The fishing nets are an additional bonus and catch random loot.

For this next wipe, the floating foundations are craftable so everybody can have a good go with the plugin, but after the March 3rd forced wipe you’ll only be able to buy the special foundations (which are really floors) in the /s store.

Have fun, but please don’t create massive floating bases. Hm, I think I’ll go make sure there are some limits. 😉