We’re Moving IPs – Again

Next Thursday 28th January we're moving IP addresses and ports. I'm just not getting enough donations to warrant a dedicated server (in Germany via Hetzner) and the 100+euros each month that it costs. That service has been cancelled and terminates on the 2nd Feb.

Instead, I'm moving to 3 different game panel type hosts which are quite a lot cheaper for some reason, but I lose the substantial benefit (to me) of a Windows server to run Rust on (and a few other game servers). Swings and roundabouts. People who have been around for a while will have noticed that the server slots have already been reduced to 47 in preparation for this.

You will have also realised from reading the above that there are currently 5 Rust servers and I'm moving to 3, so what servers are going? Duo and either NoRules or Clans server, I havent for sure decided yet, but it will probably be NoRules. None of those 3 servers get much interest any more.

That means we will be left with the ever popular PvE server, the Solo server (which has a hard core of regulars) and a PvP server. All servers are currently located in Germany, but I'm moving them to the UK where I live. From personal experience, if you're a euro player you won't notice any difference in gameplay whatsoever.

I will lease the new servers on Tuesday 26th, configure them, and then on Thursday 28th we'll have a short period of close down (an hour or two at most) while I migrate the game saves to the new servers and do any tweaks I find need doing.

When this happens you will likely have to use F1 and connect to the new servers manually. Once they're in your history, you can favourite them within Rust. I'll also provide direct Steam links on the Rust server page together with links to the new Rust maps on PlayRust.io.

It hasn't missed my attention that since I moved to the Hetzner server in March 2020 it marked the fall off of donations. I'm hoping that by moving back to UK servers I'll see the player base increase and also the number of donations. If after 3-4 months there have been no increase in donations then it might be time to shut up shop, or at least mothball everything. It's been a blast, but I can't afford to keep paying for the servers out of my own pocket.