Wipe Every 2-3 Weeks

In line with this post all PvP servers will be wiped tomorrow 15th April (at approximately 7.00pm) and replaced with x3500 maps.

PvE will not wipe or change for the time being, but after next forced wipe on the 6th May, I’ll be revisiting that.

Please don’t complain to me that you “didn’t know.” I post plenty of information on here and the #announce channel in Discord gets automatically updated with any posts that appear here.

In case you didn’t read that post, go read it now. I’ve changed my mind about a couple of things. PvE won’t be wiped every 2 weeks, but all the PvP servers will be and their map size reduced to x3500 instead of x4000 – it seems that on maps smaller than x3500 the Launch Site doesn’t spawn. You probably won’t notice the difference of the slightly reduced size maps.

But watch this space as I’m hoping to be able to learn how to add custom monuments to maps shortly. If all goes well and it isn’t too unwieldy a process expect to see smaller maps appearing. I think it’s important that every server has the Launch Site (Bradley APC) and the Military Tunnels (elite loot), as well as Outpost and Base Camp.

Why am I making these changes? Two reasons.

#1 – Because there’s limited server hardware capacity and I’d like to introduce a BIG static map for PvE, either 5000 or the max 6000.

#2 – There’s currently a limited number of players and so I feel that x4000 maps aren’t necessary.

As the Summer approaches I hope to attract more players (and hopefully more donations), and I’ll change my tack on these reasons as hopefully #2 won’t exist any more.

If there are more donations then I’ll consider getting more hardware and making all the maps much bigger. You may not remember (or have been here for) the heady days of 3-4 years ago, but there were actually 2 dedis in operation and I was hoping to get some MineCraft stuff going. Blimey. 😉

As I’ve always said, I don’t make any money at this hobby, every penny that comes in goes into server hosting hardware or software for the game servers. I am often short of cash each month and I then have to pay for things out of my own pocket.

But hey! Things change. Onwards and upwards eh?